Welcome to sixth grade!  This blog is for you to answer questions, express yourself, and be a part of the online community.  There are a few rules though.  Please when leaving a response DO NOT use your full name.  Use only your first name and if you are one of the doubles please use the first letter of your last name.  This is for your safety.  Just a forewarning, you are to use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  I have been known to delete posts for using what I like to call "texting language." 
First question:  What were you dreading about 6th grade?
What advice do you give to incoming sixth graders?  
         Many of you will notice that I deleted  your post.  I told you last week that all entries must be answering the question.  I also told you that they must use formal language meaning no abbreviations, correct punctuation and spelling.  This is a forum for you to use to express yourself, NOT a chat room.  Use it responsibly or it will be taken away.
Read 30 minutes 
Practice spelling for test on Friday
Makeup work (I'm missing a ton of homework!)
       In a complete paragraph using correct spelling and punctuation answer the following.  Your entry will be deleted if I see one word answers or incorrect punctuation and spelling. 
       Tell about the impact music has on your life.


What would you change about the world if you had the opportunity?